About the Garden

Goal : to serve the Southwest Hamilton community by organizing & providing a shared community
garden and allotment space.

Why Start a Community Garden in the Kirkendall Neighbourhood?

  1. Fill A Void: There are currently no community garden plots within 2.6km of the proposed site.
  2. Build on Community Interest: Many local residents have expressed a desire to have a community garden in their neighbourhood. There is already a high level of food & environmental awareness in the neighbourhood.
  3. Provide Access to Growing Lands: 50% of residents in the surrounding neighbourhood live in rental accommodation.
  4. Improve Food Security: build on environmental and food issues awareness in the neighbourhood by growing fresh, organic food - especially for new immigrants, seniors, or people with lower incomes.
  5. Create a Meeting Place: Community gardens can be a place for people of diverse backgrounds to meet and nurture friendships.
  6. Network of Community Partners: Local churches, neighbourhood associations, etc .can combine resources for the community’s benefit.
  7. Extend Generosity: Facilitate opportunities for people to grow food for local food banks, soup kitchens, or other neighbours in need.
  8. Educate: Children and others unfamiliar with gardening can learn new skills and discover their connection to food and the earth.
  9. Promote Health: Gardening involves outdoor activity, exercise, and nutritious organic food.
  10. Neighbourhood Beautification: The community garden will turn an underutilized piece of land into a thriving neighbourhood asset.