Soil Blocks for seedlings

"Plastic pots reduce air flow and make seedlings root bound. A compact, air pruned soil block does not limit oxygen to the roots." ( On Sunday, March 25, a dozen or so of us gardeners made 40 blocks each to try out with our seedlings for this year.

First you start your seedlings in the mini blocks, and once you see the second set of true leaves, you put the mini block in the hole of the larger block. To better support the different stages of growth, there is a different soil mix for the two blocks.

Germination mix (mini blockers)

  • 4 parts peat
  • 1 part compost

Basic Potting mix (larger blocker)

  • 3 parts peat
  • 2 parts sand (or pearlite)
  • 2 parts compost
  • 1 part soil
  • 1 handful organic fertilizer (blood meal, greensand, & colloidal phosphate)
  • 1/3 handful lime

If you would like to borrow the blockers to make some for yourself, let us know - we bought them to share so that not everyone would need to buy their own.