Rules and Regulations

Garden Rules and Regulations

  • I will pay a membership fee of $20 for a half plot or $40 for a full plot.
  • I will have something planted in the garden by June 1, otherwise my garden plot will be considered abandoned.
  • I will respect the gardening hours established by the garden coordinators.
  • I will respect the surrounding residential neighbours.
  • If I must abandon my plot for any reason, I will notify the garden coordinators.
  • I will keep weeds down and maintain the areas immediately surrounding my plot.
  • I will participate in the life of the garden community, including coming to and/or organizing social and work events or courses.
  • If my plot becomes unkempt, I understand that I will be given two week’s notice to clean it up. After that time, it will be reassigned or tilled in.
  • If I borrow the tools provided by the garden, I will return them to their proper storage.
  • If I notice any damage to the HSCG property I will inform the garden coordinators.
  • I will clean up litter any time I see it on or near the HSCG.
  • I will participate in the spring digging and fall clean-up of the garden, or make up these hours in a manner agreed to by the garden coordinators.
  • I will plant tall crops only where they do not shade neighbouring plots.
  • I will pick only one serving from the communal garden areas (including berries and perennial plants like rhubarb & asparagus), realising that these plants are shared by everyone in the garden.
  • I will conscientiously use the water supplies, recognizing that there is no municipal water running to the site.
  • I will pick only my own crops unless given permission by another plot’s gardener.
  • I will use organic gardening methods and materials, avoiding synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and weed repellents. (If you are struggling with invasive plants/pests/disease, please contact the garden committee for recommendations on how to treat them in an organic manner).
  • I agree to volunteer 5 hours towards community garden efforts such as site maintenance, repairs, etc.
  • I will not share the lock code for the tool shed with anyone who is not a registered gardener.  If I think the code has been given to non-members, I will inform the garden coordinators immediately.
  • I will pay my renewal fee by Halloween of each year for the next season if I wish to renew. If I miss this deadline, I understand that I may lose my plot and will have to go on the waiting list for an available plot.
  • I understand that I am responsible for myself and my guests as outlined in the Garden Waiver included with my registration.

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