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Anticipating 2021 Growing Season

We anticipate following our COVID protocols in order to garden this coming year. We will follow Public Health directives as we receive them. Seedy Saturday is online this year, including the ability to order seed swap packages online. For the month of February visit to learn from others on various gardening topics. More detailsContinue reading “Anticipating 2021 Growing Season”

Cucumber Beetles

Are your cucumbers, squash, melons or zuchnini getting eaten? Look for cucumber bettles (yellow with stripes or spots). The adults eat the leaves and they aren’t too bad, but the main problem is that they lay their eggs near the roots of the plants and then the larve suck nutrients from the plant. There isn’tContinue reading “Cucumber Beetles”

Tomato suckers

Bushy tomato plants are lovely, aren’t they? However, it is important to sucker your tomatoes as a bushy plant will actually have less tomatoes. A sucker is a non-bearing branch that grows out of the stem at a 45 degree angle off the branch that will have tomatoes (these grow straight out). Pinch these off asContinue reading “Tomato suckers”


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