Precautions for 2020 Garden Season: COVID-19

Below are the new policies to be followed:
1. At all times, respect social distancing rules: maintain at least 2m / 6ft from anyone else.
2. Only registered gardeners and immediate family members should come to the garden. Please try to limit to two at a time. Should you bring children they must be kept close to you and follow social distancing rules. Should you bring your pet, it must remain on a leash and be kept at least 2m / 6ft from anyone else.
3. Visit the garden ONLY on your assigned days. (more details below)
4. Before you go to the garden, complete the Ministry of Heath’s self assessment tool: DO NOT COME TO THE GARDEN IF YOU ARE FEELING UNWELL. As well, inform us immediately if you test positive for COVID so that we can work with Public Health to do contact tracing.
5. Wash your hands on arrival, after using the lock, any tools or watering cans, and before you leave. Consider wearing gloves.
6. Consider wearing a mask when you go to the garden. Do not eat at the garden. Do not sit on benches or at tables.
7. Track the days that you go to the garden. If someone tests positive for COVID, we will email the dates they were in the garden so you can connect with Public Health for contact tracing.

In order to help you meet these policies, we will:
1. Post signs at the entrance and inside the garden.
2. Make available a wash station near the shed.
3. Disinfect high touch surfaces twice per day (lock, water spigots, wash station).

Assigned days to visit the garden:

  • To lower the number of people at the garden at any time, please only come to the garden on your assigned days. 
  • If you are the ‘a’ side of a plot, or you have a full plot: Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday.
  • If you are the ‘b’ side of a plot: Wednesday, Friday or Sunday.
  • Mondays will be used for maintenance: mowing, weed wacking, etc.
  • **If the garden is busy, please consider returning at a later time.**

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