Mulch and Water Conservation

Raised beds are notorious for drying out faster than regular gardens. There is more exposure and places for the water to evaporate. Plants then get stressed, more water is used, and it take more of your time. What to do?

Mulch, mulch, mulch! By covering the soil with a ‘insulating layer’, less water will be lost to evaporation. Use newspapers, grass clippings, straw or anything else to build up a layer.

Some things to keep in mind:

  1. With mulch, a small sprinkling of rain probably won’t penetrate to your plants
  2. Slugs also like cool, wet areas. Watch out for evidence of slugs and put up slugs traps as needed, especially for tender plants like lettuce.
  3. Leave some areas un-mulched, so that ground-nesting bees still have a place (good pollinators for the garden)
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