Watering Tips

In order to give your plants the water they need and at the same time make the most of the water we have available, consider these tips:

  • Add mulch around your plants to decrease by 2/3 the amount of water (and number of times!) needed.
  • Avoid watering in the heat of the day (10am – 4pm). Most water added at this time will simply evaporate, especially if you have no mulch. Water early in the morning or early evening. (Late night watering can cause mold growth and encourages slugs, so also avoid that time if possible.)
  • Water only around the plant – concentrate your water directly around the plant as this is where the roots are. A small depression around your plant will funnel the water where it is needed. (Personally, I water with a small sour cream container right at the plant stem to concentrate the water.)
  • Water deeply and less often. For our soils and a depth of 6 inches, a square foot of plants will need on average 4 cups of water 2x per week.
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