Bugs! Good ones keep the bad ones away

The more healthy your plants, the better they are able to withstand bug attacks. Plants can withstand a small amount of bugs – so keep an eye out, but don’t get worried by a little damage.

Some good bugs: wasps, ground beetles, dragonflies. Attract the good ones by plants a variety of flowers and herbs in the garden. If every plots has some flowers, everyone will benefit!

Bad bugs:

  • leaf miner: spinach, beets, chard, etc. Leaves turn brown.
  • cabbage worm / moth: cabbage families. Cover plants so eggs can’t be laid
  • cutworm: tender, baby plants. Place cardboard collar around plant when transplanting.
  • squash bug: squash, zucchini, etc. remove adults, crush eggs on underside of leaves
  • ants and aphids: usually won’t destroy a plant

Key is identification of the bug. Then you can find out if it is a big problem or not, and the best way to combat it. Often mechanical means (picking off adult bugs, destroying eggs on underside of leaves) are very effective. Removing affected plants or leaves can also help (removing leaves may open the plant to attack from earwigs). Sprays or dusting with diatomacous earth should be done as a last resort.

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